I am a computer engineer graduated from Damascus University in 2016. And now, I am attending a Master degree in Robotics Engineering at the same university.

Through my study years I worked on several projects, here are some of them:

Visulator | The Visual Simulator

(Computer Vision, Neural Networks, Electronics simulation, Software development)

An Educational Simulator of Electronic Circuits using Computer Vision. It is a software platform that relies on computer vision and simulation algorithms to provide an alternative solution to learners of electronics. The goal of the system is to analyze real electronic circuits made on test boards, simulate their expected behavior and to present visual feedback to the learner. Also, the system has interactive and debugging features and presents detailed runtime information of the different parts of the circuit to support understanding its functionality.

Electronic Elements Recognizer

(Computer Vision, Neural Networks)

A neural network recognizes and detects the type of an electronic element presented by an image. The image of the electronic element processed by computer vision algorithm to refine the image, remove noises, and define the shape, color, and other characteristics of the element which are the input of the neural network to detect the type of the element, then display its name and other information about it.

ColoMix | Color Mixer

(LabView, Microcontrollers, Simulation)

A simulation of color mixing machine using Proteus and LabVIEW. The system contains motors and valves controlled by a microcontroller which calculates the correct ratio of the three main colors to produce a specific quantity of any requested color.